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Wild Eve with Plum Shrub by Wild Eve

Updated: May 4, 2022

Wild Eve want you to have fun with their delicious drink - of course it’s amazing with tonic or soda, on the rocks or even with sparkling water, but there’s so much more. Play with botanicals that make drinking a taste sensation. Step outside and safely embrace all that nature has to offer, to make your drink as wild as this beautiful landscape from whence it came.

Try this gorgeous combination for a true taste sensation!

Ingredients 25ml Wild Eve 5-10ml Temple Plum Shrub to taste Soda Frozen rocks Method Put the frozen rocks in the glass Pour over Wild Eve Add Plum Shrub to taste - start with 5mls Pour in a little Soda Swizzle until you’re thirsty

Garnish with fresh Plums, a sprig of seaweed and a big juicy Rosehip if you have any

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