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The Hearadh 75 by The Harris Distillery

"A Harris twist on a classic - our take on the French 75."

Looking for new ways to enjoy your Isle of Harris Gin? Try this or check out our website for more ways to enjoy our Gin.


35ml Isle of Harris Gin 25ml Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice 15ml Honey Water 40ml Crémant Wine (Champagne or Sparkling Wine will suffice)

GARNISH A couple of drops of smoky Scotch whisky


Pour all the ingredients (excluding the Crémant) into the small half of a cocktail shaker. Add cubed ice, seal with the large half of a cocktail shaker. Shake hard for ten seconds and strain the contents into an Isle of Harris Martini Glass. Top with Crémant or sparkling wine.

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